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Expert Suspension Work Available

Austin Automotive Center of Austin, TX can service every part of your car or truck, including the shocks and suspension. A bad suspension can mean that your vehicle will rattle all the components when it drives over bumps on the road. This will inevitably lead to severe damage. Don't put off repairing your suspension for too long, call us and our solutions will never go over your budget.

Our Suspension Services:

  • Replacing ball joints¬†
  • Replacing tie rods
  • Replacing shocks
  • Replacing sway bar bushings
  • Control arms

If your vehicle is riding roughly or drifting when you turn, your suspension needs to be repaired. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions - we can take care of the whole problem.


Our ASE-certified mechanics will give you a free estimate. Our competitive pricing combined with our decades of experience makes us second to none.